Group progress update

So for our Agudas Israel project we have made large gains in the research department. Thankfully there is a ton of information on the founding of the Synagogue that we can use for our website. I will here soon begin to start playing around more on the website and start to put stuff on it. My hopes with this is that by just putting information on the site I can edit it at a later time to make a better final product. I like to think of it as taking the job in stages. Why stress yourself with having to put all the information on the site, sort through what you want to keep and take down, and having to make it appear nicely all at the same time? The hardest part for me is deciding when to draw the line between using time to do research and using time to work on the website. While we could use the entire semester (and probably more) for research I feel like we have a good amount of information to start constructing our website.


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