Meeting with the whole group

We finally got to meet with our entire group (including the computer science people) for the first time in quite a while.

So, how did the meeting go?

The meeting went great honestly. I feel like we exchanged a lot of information as to what we wanted to do for this project. No one seemed like they were to worried about the due dates and we all had a blast talking with each other.

What did you discuss?

We discussed a lot about what we wanted the game to exactly be? They (computer science people) suggested the idea of a top down “fetch quest” game that would help the client be engaged while learning about the foundation of the Synagogue. We also discussed us going to the Synagogue in the future and what we could gain from that. We also went back and forth as to what type of ways the game could tell the story of the Synagogue.

What decisions have you/they made about interactive components for your site?

So we all agreed that the top down game I mentioned earlier was a great idea. One factor that we all had on our minds was time. We are all college students with multiple classes so none of us wanted to bite off more than what we could chew with this project. At the same time we also wanted to present something that we would all be proud of and could call our own. We decided the game would feature around 4-6 quests that would include text instructions to help explain the story.

What steps do you and they need to take so that they can complete their project?

As far as what they need to do its really a mystery to me other than saying “make the game”. They have requested from us (historians) that we come up with 4-6 “quests” that we wanted to feature in the game. Along with this if we wanted to put any type of documentation/pictures up along with it we would have to provide that as well. We are also going to be in touch with the design up the game to try and make it look like the historical period.


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