Productive Failure

The biggest problem that I ran into is not what you would consider your typical problem. While learning how to navigate WordPress was a bit of a challenge it was not the biggest challenge. My biggest productive failure was constructing my page on the website and let me explain why. When my group and I first started to tackle this project we started with gathering research and putting it on a google docs. We would use this google docs to hold all of our research notes and where they came from for citation purposes. The next step (way down the line) for me was to start to transfer the information over to my webpage on the site. I was not worried about how pretty it looked I just wanted something on the page so I could use it as reference. The final step in this process was to transform the bulky blob of information into a narrative style brief highlight of the founding families (my topic for the site). The plan sounds good and thought out, but where does it go wrong? Well in practice I noticed that as I was in the final stage I was not using the bulk of information I originally transferred over. It was much easier for me to navigate through the research notes since I had been looking at them all semester. Another plus to looking at the research notes was it made my citations that much easier to locate. Another problem with this plan is that in no place did I plan for locating pictures. I’m a little on the fence as to declare this a major problem because I feel like the site still does serve its purpose. When I look at the site I cant help but think “what is its purpose?” and it serves just that. The purpose of this site is not really to be a flashy website, but rather a site that gives you a brief history of the foundation of the Agudas Israel Synagogue. To summarize up what I believe I “failed” on is formatting my webpage efficiently. I learned that research notes are a true blessing when done correctly and can save you so much time. I also learned that you should always try to think ahead for cosmetic stuff, such as pictures, because they will help add to the attractiveness of your website.


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