The stress is finally coming to a close with the website and we can finally take a moment to look back and see how we did. To start off broadly I would say that our website is a success for what it is suppose to be. The entire purpose of our website was to assist in telling the story of the foundation of AIS (Agudas Israel Synagogue) in Hendersonville. I remember talking with my group on how we didn’t want to bite off more than we can chew and ever just focusing on the foundation was a stretch. Out of like 6 or 7 relevant boxes for our topic we could only get through 2 of them. The website did follow the contract and contains three main pages “The Synagogue” “The Families” and “The Community”. These kinda became our own personal pages that displays how much work and time we put into the project. The “Home” and “about” pages were group pages that the three of us could work on. Mikayla took the charge on the home page and wrote it all out. I remember her coming to me to see what I thought about it and to give her feedback on it. The about page was done by all three of us as we gave a small description of ourselves and provided a picture as well. At the last minute we also added another page as a glossary of terms that may not be widely known to the non-Jewish community. This page was suggested and handled entirely by Evan. As far as the tools for the website goes ill say it was an interesting experience. Mikayla was in charge of the thinglink and I absolutely love it. It shows an accurate map of Hendersonville with the location of the families businesses and the original location of the synagogue. The Juxtapose images were handled by Evan and I like the one of the 1920’s to modern Synagogue. The one labeled “picture from flyer” “picture” has the right angle which is great, but without the dates it makes it a little odd. I was in charge of the timeline JS and let me say it was an interesting experience. As a historian I look at it and think wow this is kinda weird because of so many unknown dates. On top of all these unknown dates there does not seem to be any order since it jumps from topic to topic. At the end of the day though I think I may have found an interesting was to use Timeline JS. Although the bottom bar becomes obsolete, you can in fact use Timeline JS as this makeshift media gallery. At the end of the semester I would say that the biggest restraint on this is time a perspective. It is easy for you to look at your own website and say “this is bad” since you have looked at it for so long. Once you show it to others and hear the positive reactions all of the hard work and dedication instantly becomes worth it. I look forward to putting this website on a resume and showing my family back home.


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