Wikipedia History entries

So let it be known that when I first start to look at multiple pages it was hard to find the “discussion” tab as they changed it to “talk”. Now that I have my chest clear on the very small matter let me begin. First off I love Wikipedia to the bottom of my heart. […]

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Story Map & Timeline JS

After creating a product using both of these tools I think I have a firm opinion on each one. Story Map JS So with Story Map I did not know what I was getting into because I have never heard of or used Story Map before. The Only JS tool I have even touched was […]

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Game Plan and Tools

What’s the game plan? After going through some of the information in special collections we have decided to focus mainly on the founding of the Synagogue. There is a good amount of information regarding the founding families and their lives involving the community. The two main families that I am excited to research is the […]

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