The stress is finally coming to a close with the website and we can finally take a moment to look back and see how we did. To start off broadly I would say that our website is a success for what it is suppose to be. The entire purpose of our website was to assist […]

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Digital Identity

Digital Identity is a very interesting topic (especially since we just had a very in depth discussion on it). The idea that we would be able to project ourselves to the “entire” world would not seem possible a century ago. Whenever we decide to go on Facebook/twitter and post, or make a blog post for […]

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Productive Failure

The biggest problem that I ran into is not what you would consider your typical problem. While learning how to navigate WordPress was a bit of a challenge it was not the biggest challenge. My biggest productive failure was constructing my page on the website and let me explain why. When my group and I […]

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Website Update

So far the website is coming along great with the progress we have made so far. There is a lot of good information on the site that we have gathered, but it always feels like we could have more. I try not to worry so much about it because it turns into a “well if […]

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Meeting with the whole group

We finally got to meet with our entire group (including the computer science people) for the first time in quite a while. So, how did the meeting go? The meeting went great honestly. I feel like we exchanged a lot of information as to what we wanted to do for this project. No one seemed […]

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Digital Archives

Digital Archives can sometimes be a huge blessing or can seem like a dead end. I will go ahead and say that I love digital archives and they should always be used as a valuable tool. I am not blind however to the “dangers” that come with them. I once had a professor who said […]

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Group progress update

So for our Agudas Israel project we have made large gains in the research department. Thankfully there is a ton of information on the founding of the Synagogue that we can use for our website. I will here soon begin to start playing around more on the website and start to put stuff on it. […]

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